Don’t let your hospital be another increased cost-treatment failure statistic due to lack of visibility into your Wound Care Prevention, Treatment and Management Programs.

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Wound photo


The wound


annual savings


Saved yearly
from labor costs


Employee hours
eliminated and available
for other duties

Simplify the
wound care
and preventative
care documentation

Most hospitals use the Photo-Print-Paste (P-P-P) method for wound
documentation and spend too much time in between.

The average time range spent on patient wound documentation from a “proof of concept” study: 20-130 minutes depending on the complications, number of wounds, and measurement using rulers, acetate tracing, digital cameras. Photos are often scanned and uploaded after patient is discharged.


Real-time wound imaging,
documentation &
prediction using your

Wound Capture is the solution for digitizing the wound documentation process to reduce time spent using traditional methods.

Wound capture will help the provider to identify the body location of the wound, document via thermal view (detecting pressure ulcers), in real-time give predictability of wound progress (based on past history), calculate dimensions of width and length using AR ruler (touchless), make notes, select & review previous images of the patients wound and more..


Take a photo or multiple photos of the wound for documentation in the report and measure wounds using AR or Analog measuring.


Track and record all activity

Our Proprietary mobile gateway server was created with hospitals, healthcare providers and interoperability in mind. Through our H-Gateway web portal, administrators can manage users, track customizable data and ensure compliance for auditing purposes.

Who is
Rapid Healthcare

Rapid Healthcare is an m-Health technology workflow system developer that partners with healthcare professionals from the most vulnerable practice areas to implement solutions aimed at reducing medical errors that may be caused by “human factors”.

Our software platform and applications are designed specifically for mobile devices-smartphones and tablets- with the intent of making workflow faster, easier and more accurate for physicians, nurses, technicians and other hospital staff in real time at the point of care.

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