wound imaging, documentation & prediction using your phone

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To serve others,
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Partnering with healthcare professionals we design mobile solutions for specialized patient care areas. Together our focus is on critical workflow areas where human error may impact patient safety.That’s why we’ve carefully chosen dedicated doctors and empowered them with some of the most innovative tools in the world to provide their patients with a new, higher level of care.

The wound capture process

Document & Record the Wound Healing Process Wound Capture is the solution for digitizing the wound documentation process to reduce time spent using traditional methods.


The Opportunity

A $1.2 trillion industry

Hospitals are currently being transformed by innovation, disruption, and technology. Rapid is leading the category in technology and patient safety. Simpler workflow disrupts traditional processes and saving time for other tasks.

Mobile revolution

Hospitals rely too much on PC based workflows. PC era involves large workstations, heavy equipment, workflows become inefficient over time and patient safety at the point of care can get compromised.

Eliminating overhead

Rapid’s optimized automation and technology drastically cuts unnecessary usages of hours from employees allowing them to focus on what really matters; people. Instant data recording disrupts the traditional pen and paper.

Technology driven
and powered by innovation

CORE MLiOSThe device’s native camera is utilized to capture images of the wounds. Upon finishing the documentation of a wound and after capturing the images, the image data is sent to the CoreML Kit within the app to be analyzed.


AR KITiOS OnlyIn addition to the native camera being utilized as the image capture mechanic we also use it to power Augmented Reality capabilities, ARKit, is utilized as the measuring mechanic to record dimensions of the wound without any manual entry or use of paper based rulers.


ML KitANDROIDOur ML models are trained by Google’s ML Kit. By providing many images of past wounds, categorized by how long they took to heal, we train the model. Over time, with additional training data, the model will become more and more accurate.

Minimize the occurance of pressure ulcers, while saving time and money.
Pressure ulcers cost $9.1-$11.6 billion per year in the US

Cost of individual patient care ranges from $2,000 to over $150,000 per pressure ulcer if left untreated and caused by Hospital stays.

Potential Labor Savings of $600,000/year

by reducing the workflow process from 20-130 minutes to less than 5 mins.

Other solutions
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Feed the right baby, the right bottle, at the right time.
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Increase infant safety, eliminate workflow inefficiencies,
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Specimen collection Streamline lab requisitions,
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Eliminate pre-analytical errors during the lab collection process. Proper specimen collection is integral to directing the plan of care for patients.

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