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January 13, 2016

Irvine, CA – Rapid Healthcare is excited to partner with Ascom, a leading developer of healthcare communications solutions. Ascom, much like Rapid, is dedicated to bring innovative and reliable technology to the healthcare industry through the Ascom Myco, an Android based mHealth solution.

Rapid Healthcare officials predict the partnership will increase the push for const-effective, reliable, mHealth technology across international healthcare industries.

Currently, Rapid Healthcare successfully implemented our Mother’s Milk app in the NICU ward at Pomona Valley Medical Center. PVMC uses Mother’s Milk to avoid infant feeding errors and demonstrate their commitment to patient safety.

Rapid looks forward to bringing more innovative, mobile health solutions to the market – improving wound care, laboratory, and general medicine practices.

About Rapid Healthcare Inc.

Rapid Healthcare Inc. is a medical technology enterprise focusing on the development and implementation of integrated clinical apps using compliant mobile device products. Rapid’s clinical mobile solutions help reduce costs associated with errors made due to manual patient identification, by validating the patient data at the point of care using integrated solutions which can detect potential clinical identification errors and alert the nursing staff in real time prior to the delivery of care. Rapid Healthcare’s solutions have been developed within the hospital setting in coordination with the nursing staff thereby ensuring adherence to patient safety standards of care. They are headquartered in Irvine, California.

About Ascom

Ascom is an innovative, healthcare technology develop focused on call systems, medical device integration, and wireless telephony to support and optimize our customers’ mission-critical processes.


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