Rapid Launches Donor Milk Module for NICU’s

post by rapid-healthcare on December 19th, 2016

Every day, infants around the world are admitted into the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to receive the highest level of care. Infants sometimes require donor milk nutritional products including base formulation and fortifiers. NICU’s adhere to strict feeding administration guidelines to support the infants that require donor milk products. The authorization and enrollment process are a few of the areas that must meet these donor milk feeding guidelines. During this critical time for the infant and the mother, these products become a necessity in the NICU for the infant’s nutritional diet.


Rapid-Healthcare has created an integrated Mother’s Milk and Donor Milk mobile app designed to verify that an infant is enrolled and authorized to receive donor milk. The core function of Rapid’s integrated Mother’s Milk and Donor Milk app is to prevent misfeeds, regardless of the nutritional formulation required for an infant. Our Mother’s Milk and Donor Milk Integrated app tracks and validates the feeding of the mother’s expressed milk, the donor milk and the donor milk nutritional products.


Our integrated app detects potential errors before they occur. The Mother’s Milk app assists the NICU nurse in creating labels for the feeding bottles and verifying an infant’s identification for Mother’s Milk and Donor Milk, 24/7/365. The process is simple; scan the infant’s wrist-band and the label on the bottle of milk. Mother’s Milk displays a screen that verifies or denies the feed against the current EMR patient records. This confirms that the correct mother’s breast milk is being fed to the correct infant and that an infant is authorized and enrolled to receive donor milk.

Nurse Administrators can view daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly NICU records and activity reports for the entire nursing staff through the Mother’s Milk and/or Donor Milk admin web portal. Nurse administrators have the option to review the usage of each donor milk product consumed and all of the feeding information for both the infant and the nurse. We look forward to continue collaborating with NICU nurses that administer donor milk and the donor milk suppliers.


Mother’s Milk & Donor Milk key features:

  • Donor Milk Enrollment – Scan the baby’s wristband, confirm the patient info and enroll the baby into the Donor Milk program.
  • Creating Donor Milk Labels – Scan the baby’s wristband to validate the baby’s information. Scan the Donor Milk bottle barcode. The GSI data is read parsed and populates the Donor Milk label with the Lot Number and Serial Number. The Thaw Date and Feed by Date are displayed for entry.
  • Donor Milk Label Validation – If the baby is not enrolled in the Donor Milk program the nurse will immediately receive a “Denied” Message. If the baby is enrolled in the Donor Milk program the nurse can create and print labels to place on the feeding bottles.
  • Feeding the Infant – Scan the baby’s wristband and the label on the bottle. If all data matches the nurse will receive a “Verified” message. If the data does not match the nurse will receive a “Denied” message.

Be on the lookout for Rapid’s all-new Donor Milk stand-alone product in 2017 with new additions to assist in the process of mixing, feeding, and inventory management.


Donor Milk stand-alone key features:

  • Donor Milk Bank GS1 Product Inventory – Maximize GS1 inventory standards. Trace the Donor Milk products from receipt to the point of usage. Increase patient safety and ensure compliance with hospital policy and regulations regarding:

-Inventory Storage
-Date Management
-Feeding Requirements Adherence

      Provide the important workflow information necessary to assist in the prevention of incidents, due to human error.

  • Authorization Recording & Signature Validation – Provide the technology solution for authorization management and validation for Donor Milk.

Set the data validation requirements for immediate notice of enrollment status and action required for every Donor Milk feeding.Give the Nurse added assurance that Donor Milk is approved for specific feeding administration.

  • Mixing Notice Alerts – Age and weight requirements for donor milk and fortifier mixing.

Donor Milk Module is currently in early beta release for inquiries please contact info@rapid-healthcare.com


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