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April 4, 16

Irvine, CA – Late last March, Rapid Healthcare proudly joined the Patient Safety Movement, pledging commitment to reach zero preventable deaths by 2020. Every year, preventable medical errors lead to more than 200,00 deaths in US hospitals and an excess of 1.26 trillion in excess costs. The Patient Safety Movement, founded by leading medical technology company, Masimo, aims to eliminate these exorbitant emotional and financial costs in 8 effective methods:

  • Unify the healthcare ecosystem
  • Identify the challenges that are killing patients to create actionable solutions
  • Ask hospitals to implement Actionable Patient Safety Solution
  • Promote transparency
  • Ask med tech companies to share rhe data their dvices generate in order to create a Patient Data Super Highway to help identify at risk patients
  • Correct misaligned incentives
  • Promote love and patient dignity
  • Empower providers, patiens and families through education of medical terminology and medical errors so they may better advocate for their loved ones.

To date, the movement consists of 1,713 dedicated hospital organizations and 56 medically oriented companies preventing upwards of 24,000 deaths. Rapid Healthcare anticipates that our positive patient identification technology will only improve the number of preventable deaths moving forward.


About Rapid Healthcare Inc.

Rapid Healthcare Inc. is a medical technology enterprise focusing on the development and implementation of integrated clinical apps using compliant mobile device products. Rapid’s clinical mobile solutions help reduce costs associated with errors made due to manual patient identification, by validating the patient data at the point of care using integrated solutions which can detect potential clinical identification errors and alert the nursing staff in real time prior to the delivery of care. Rapid Healthcare’s solutions have been developed within the hospital setting in coordination with the nursing staff thereby ensuring adherence to patient safety standards of care. They are headquartered in Irvine, California.


About Patient Safety Movement

The Patient Safety movement, founded by Masimo Corporation, is an Irvine based medical technology corporation. The Patient Safety Movement aims to eliminate all preventable deaths by 2020 (0X20). The movement aims to bring medical technologies and IT Infrastructure together with relevant information, intelligent and predictive algorithms, and decision support that facilitate the process of care improvements.


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