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Rapid Healthcare Certifies Brother Mobile Wristband and Label Printers for Use with Innovative Mobile Solutions Designed to Improve Neonatal Safety

Tuesday, March 29th 2016, 3:30 am PDT Tuesday, March 29th 2016, 3:32 am PDT

Reliable data verification at the NICU point-of-care helps identify and prevent potential infant misfeeds


Brother Mobile Solutions, Inc. (BMS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Brother International Corporation and premier provider of mobile and desktop printing and labeling solutions, announces that Rapid Healthcare, Inc. has certified two Brother mobile printers for use in its portfolio of patient identification and verification software applications designed specifically for mobile devices. Based in Irvine, California, Rapid Healthcare develops and markets creative, user-friendly clinical mobility solutions. Its products are designed to improve patient safety, increase accuracy and efficiency, while reducing errors and administrative costs in hospital specialty areas such as Neonatal ICU Unit (NICU).

Reliable data verification at the NICU point-of-care helps identify and prevent potential infant misfeeds (Photo: Business Wire)

The Brother mobile printers certified by Rapid Healthcare are:

Brother RuggedJetTM 3 (Model RJ-3150)handheld mobile printers, featuring AirPrint® compatibility and dual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity. The compact, high-speed, high-resolution thermal printers enable users to quickly print one- to three-inch-wide labels from virtually anywhere in the hospital, even at the patient bedside.

Brother TrustSenseTM TD-2000 (Model TD-2130NHC) wristband and label printers, the first healthcare thermal printer with TrustSense smart media technology that enables wireless printing of clear, accurate human- and machine-readable patient identification information wristbands and labels.

Mary Howard, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager for Brother Mobile Solutions, notes: “This alliance reflects the growing trend towards mobility in healthcare. Brother has long been a champion of promoting the value of barcoded labels to authenticate both specimen and patient ID at the clinical point of care so as to help improve safety and reduce errors. We are pleased to partner with Rapid Healthcare in this joint mission as they continue to develop and launch their portfolio of innovative mobility solutions.”

Anton Ansalmar, founder and President of Rapid Healthcare, adds: “Brother’s professional mobile printers are known for their quality, reliability and ease of use. That’s important to us, because our software platform and applications for smartphones and tablets are designed for use by physicians, nurses and other clinical professionals, as well as lab technicians and administrators in hospitals and treatment centers. In fact, one of our first mobile apps ? Mother’s Milk ? is transforming the way in which infant milk bottles are prepared and administered in one of California’s largest Neonatal ICU (NICU).”

Clinical Mobility in Hospital NICU Helps Reduce Risk and Costs of Infant Misfeeds

The initial pilot hospital setting was the largest Neonatal ICU with 55 beds and 160 nurses and serves both Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. The Mother’s Milk application was

developed on-site to meet specific patient safety requirements for identification and verification to improve safety and prevent misfeeds in the preparation and administration of breast milk for infants in the NICU.

Here’s how it works: After secure login verification on a smartphone the nurse scans the baby’s wristband, prints matching labels and fills bottles with the mother’s milk. Before feeding, the nurse scans both labels to verify that the right bottle is about to be fed to the right baby. The entire process is integrated into the hospital’s existing EMR system, so every step is recorded for future viewing and reporting.

While proper patient and specimen identification has always been important, the volume of milk being stored in NICU refrigerators for mothers who are oftentimes no longer at the hospital is increasing, and so is the interest in more advanced point-of-care labeling and identification.

Ansalmar explains why this verification is so important: “Our Mother’s Milk app is especially critical for premature infants in the NICU, as well as for full-term babies born with conditions requiring intensive care, because their delicate systems can be harmed or compromised by being fed the wrong mother’s milk. Since implementing Mother’s Milk, the hospital reports that more than 70,000 correct verifications have been made and over 480 potential misfeeds prevented.”

He points out that the same authentication and verification technology can also be used to prevent the risk of errors and mismatches in administering blood, medications and nutrition to hospital patients. Additional mobile solutions in Rapid Healthcare’s portfolio are nearing launch in the coming months, these include Wound Capture, Specimen Collection and PMR a customizable app to access a patient’s medical information and charts on their smartphone or tablet. All integrated into any EMR system to provide authorized hospital professionals with app user and device management coupled with real time reports for data analysis. For more information, go to www.rapid-healthcare.com.

For more information about Brother Mobile Solutions’ full line of mobile printers for healthcare, please visit www.TrustSense.com.

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