Misfeed reduction in NICU’s that implement mobile track and trace solutions

post by rapid-healthcare on April 1st, 2019

The Mother’s Milk mobile application was developed to reduce risk and improve neonatal safety by preventing potential misfeeds in the preparation and administration of mothers’ breast milk for infants in the NICU. Our current customer’s environment for the Mother’s Milk application is a busy Neonatal ICU, with 55 beds and 160+ nurses.


For the last 3 years we have prevented over 1700 misfeed incidents and verified feeds totaling almost 180,000.  Last year alone we prevented over 100 misfeed incidents, the prior year 2017 we prevented over 600 potential misfeeds. Our conclusion is that our solution is helping nurses to prevent potential misfeed incidents and with nurses using the system year on year out, the trend for misfeed incidents are starting to go down.

Here are some of the data we have collected from our current customer:


3 year Total



2018 – Stats




2017 – Stats



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January 2019.

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