Donor Milk

Authorize, enroll and feed.
Guarantee a verified formulation feeding.

Exceeding infants feeding
safety guidelines

When infants in the NICU require donor milk nutritional products,
our solution validates their correct formulation.

  • Authorization & Enrollment
  • Create & print labels
  • Validate donor milk feeds
  • Track product inventory

How It Work


Authorize and enroll baby
into donor milk program

Identifies infant to receive donor
milk nutritional products

Authorize & Enroll

Authorize and Scan
baby wristband

Match baby and donor milk
data to create bottle label(s) ensuring
positive patient identification


Print labels and
apply to bottle

Confirm donor milk to infant data
and print matching label(s) to apply
to the infant milk bottle(s)

Create labels

Scan baby wristband
and labeled bottle

Scan the wristband and donor
milk bottle label into the solution
for data comparison


Feed verification
or denied

User receives a verified message
to feed or a denied message
to stop the feed


Access real
time reporting

Adminstrator scan view
live custom
reports in real time

Feed baby

Lets Work Together

Compatible with

“Most NICU mothers (72%) of very preterm infants
were unable to provide all of the milk necessary
for an Exclusive Human Milk (EHM) diet.”

Carroll, K., Herrmann, K. Breastfeed Med. 2013 Jun; 8(3): 286–290.

Donor Milk

Document feeding events. Record, customize and access reports. View daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly NICU activity for the nursing staff. Define roles and authorize users. Classifications allow for designation and reporting of nurses and the feeding of each infant as either; verified, denied and/or overridden.GS1 smart bar code scanning manages inventory.

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