Barcoding and its effects on workplace productivity

post by rapid-healthcare on February 10th, 2017

Big box stores, Internet giants, logistic companies, and freight handlers control each step of their operation. By using real-time data they can improve capacity, inventory control, track assets, and increase efficiency. Small to mid-size businesses are often unable to enjoy these benefits because the complicated barcode printing and scanning systems are simply too expensive and cumbersome. Just as mobile payment solutions have revolutionized the market place and empowered small businesses and entrepreneurs to complete transactions just like the corporate giants, modern barcode printers and scanners gives nimble start-ups and smaller companies the power to harness the logistical advantages of having tight controls and tracking using the newest data-driven 2D barcodes.


2d Barcodes are the most advanced form over earlier coding systems. The new models and tools hold more information in more formats that are accessible to businesses and their clients. 2d barcodes also have the ability to be integrated with modern technology such as smartphones or tablet devices. This integration only makes productivity in a business more efficient, which always saves money.


Barcoding as a means of inventory management has been a staple in businesses for years, however with the relatively new technology known as 2D barcodes. Barcoding systems reduce the amount of human errors, and the amount of time needed to take inventory management. Barcoding allows businesses to have data available for all of their available stock, and allows clients to manage their inventories in a much more streamlined way.


Many businesses have the need for an integrated barcode system, due to its several functions, such as integrated inventory management, retail Point-Of-Sale efforts, and business intelligence. Along with the actual barcodes, businesses would have to purchase some type of physical hardware capable of scanning. With the implementation of a barcoding system, it not only saves your company time and labor cost, but also it would greatly streamline a company’s productivity.


Many companies still operate on a non-barcode system, and the results of their ventures definitely shows. The productivity in using barcoding in any type of business, greatly makes menial labor such as inventory and asset management into simple and efficient ways of completing labor.


Investing in 2D barcodes might sound not too different from doing these tasks manually, however with doing things manually, the risk of human error is always there. With the use of barcodes, efficiency and productivity will increase, and the time normally spent on these tasks would be better situated somewhere else. Investing in barcodes is the way to go when it comes to increasing productivity in the workplace.

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